Help me make a custom pre W/o creatine/NO mix

  1. Help me make a custom pre W/o creatine/NO mix

    I'm going to be making and most likely logging my own custom pre-w/o creatine/NO product made from bulk supplies. Right now I am planning the mix below. I'd like to get as many opinions as possible on ingredients and dosing. Please reccomend anything you'd add/subtract and/or adjustments to the dosing. I'm also thinking of adding banaba extract...ideas?

    1g ---di-creatine malate
    1g ---tri-Creatine orotate
    1g ---creatine gluconate
    1g ---magnesium creatine chelate
    1g ---di-creatine citrate

    3g ---di-arginine malate
    2g ---AAKG
    2g ---AEE
    1g ---L-norvaline
    5g ---GMS

    2g ---betaine anhydrous
    4g ---citrulline malate
    3g ---beta alanine

    2g ---NAC
    2g ---taurine

  2. 3g glutamine AKG
    1-2 ornithine AKG
    100 packets of crystal light

    here is a good base pre workout, beats getting it all seperatly!

  3. not sure if you're already done w/ this, i'm a new member who just saw this thread- i'd add 1g l-carnitine, lower the beta-alanine to 2g, and add 100 mcg of cyanocobalamin (vit b12)

  4. why lower the beta alanine?

  5. imo, 1.5 - 2g is more than enough, any more than that i believe is just costing you $$$.

    when i first started taking BA, i took 1.5g and i felt an immediate difference, later i upped the dosage after that and felt no increased effect, so i lowered it back to 1.5 and i think its just as effective.

    maybe thats just me tho

  6. i should mention i also take 1.5g post w/o

  7. Too many options..
    I'd go with at the top of my head,

    5g creatine mono
    5g AEE
    1-2g Ornithine
    3g Citrulline Malate
    2-4g BA
    5g Glutamine
    100-200mg caffeine


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