Body Fortress Whey Protein White Particles

  1. Body Fortress Whey Protein White Particles

    Just a quick FYI. I have seen a few people speculate what the white particles are in the Wal-Mart brand Body Fortress Whey Protein. In my last 5 pound jug I got of it, there was a laminated piece of paper thrown in that states...

    "Dear consumer,

    Body Fortress 100% Premium Whey Protein has been reformulated to a more Super Sdvanced Whey Protein formula. Scientifically designed with a Super Recovery Blend, this prodcut contains Glutamine, over 7 grams BCAAs and Lean Mass Activitors.

    Please note: Glutamine may appear as white particles in this formula"

    Just thought I would let eveyone know.

    Carry on...

  2. Interesting. All of the BCAA/amino products i have have white particles floating around as well. That's cool they let everybody know though.
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  3. Another interesting note:

    on the outside of the container it says....

    "CrystallineTaurine will appear as small crystals in the powder"

    So who knows WTF they are....seems like they don't even know.

  4. If it's from's probably lead from china.

  5. It's meth.

  6. "You may find white particles in this package. Honestly we don't know that the f**k they are. I you die from taking this product, please call the 800# on the bottle. Thanks"


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