1. superpump-noexplode-noshotgun?

    i am taking anabolic pump and lift in the mornings. im not getting any enery from ap can you take it with no shotgun or products like that or is there anything else recomended?

  2. are you taking a preworkout meal or shake with that ap?

  3. yeah, you need to be taking in a sig amount of carbs at least an hour before your workout for the AP to do anything for you.
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  4. i have oatmeal, cearel bars,and protien shake before i workout usually about 45 min before

  5. anywho...ap even taken correctly with carbs won't really give you the energy that you are looking for in the gym. i personally need a shake and at least one meal before i hit the gym in the morning...even then i still drag ass in the mornings. three scoops of vapor usually helps out!



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