Started lifting 6 months... and need help.

  1. Started lifting 6 months... and need help.

    SUp everyone?

    I'm 25, 5'8, 158lbs. I've been lifting for about 6 months. 4 days a week for the last month. I'm currently just taking protein(kaizen) and eating right. I was looking into BlueUP and Whiteflood for supplements but really don't know what to take.

    Goals: Bruce Lee status. Not too big but cut. Around 175lbs.

  2. Snag a creatine, probably CEE so you avoid any water bloating, thus more cut looking. Others may have a diff opinion on that.

    EAT! If you want to gain 18 pounds you need patience and lots and lots of good food. Chances are if you go on an 18 pound bulk, you will probably have to do a cut at the end to work off any bodyfat accumulated on the way.

    Multivit and fishoil are in the bible around these parts.

    BCAA's are mighty and glorious.

  3. Start with the basics:

    Creatine Monohydrate
    Fish Oil
    Casein Protein

    If you want something extra look into BCAA / EAA

    Getting ripped like Bruce Lee will require perfect diet so research that a lot.
  4. Lightbulb sine we have basically the same stats

    What does your workout look like?
    -post a copy of what you do
    -your rep range
    -on days and off days
    -How much rest between sets?

    -Whats your macros?
    -Water intake

    -Creatine: from my personal success i would say try Neovar, green mag
    -BCAA and minerals: Intrabolic, purple wrath
    -Protein: pretty much any will do.
    -Multivitamin: Orange Triad, MVp/ZMK by MST

    My thoughts:
    - sounds to me like you have hit a plateau, and you have been running a similiar workout for 6 months...thats way way too long bro. time for a change
    -Start out with the basics and try to hit a 40(protein)-40(carbs)-20(fat) ratio for macros.
    -Make sure to give enough rest to your body, no matter how hard you work if you dont have your rest set up right you will get nowhere

    PM me for more help and ill see what i can do!

  5. Bruce Lee Diet
    The Bruce Lee Diet - Diet and Nutrition for Martial Artists and Athletes

    Bruce Lee Workout

    Bruce Lee Workout and Strength Training

    Bruce Lee Abs

    Bruce Lee’s Abs Workouts | Motely Health News

    Start with the Basics

    Multi- I recommend Whole Food Multi
    Fish Oil
    Whey Protein
    Joint Support
    Purple Wraath

    I recommend avoiding creatine altogether

  6. Neovar and rag are my ****! I take my neovars with my sugar free rag and some waixy carbs and ohhhhnhhhhhhh man magic happens it is on of the best natty combos ive ever used

  7. rag is def an awesome product.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Motox View Post
    Neovar and rag are my ****! I take my neovars with my sugar free rag and some waixy carbs and ohhhhnhhhhhhh man magic happens it is on of the best natty combos ive ever used
    damn, thats the craziest combo i ever heard of, sounds good. i just ordered green mag, but somewhere down the line i will try that.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  9. Lol I had lil bit of green mag left so I throw that in my concoction as well and I have been strong as hell even with all the conditiong I have to do!

  10. Thanks for all the great info guys! I have one question. What's RAG?

  11. yeah the short hand comes quick.. Rag = Ragnarok by Millennium Sports Technologies... and get the Blue Razz!!!! its great

    Check out RAG


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