Anyone here bought ALA from Iceman?

  1. Anyone here bought ALA from Iceman?

    I purchased a large order of ala from iceman through , I was curious if any other bro's on here have bought ala through him and what was his normal turn around. It has been over 2 weeks and he hasnt responded to any of my emails...

  2. i bought from him a few times.. wasnt that site though.. i forgot the link though.. but he always shipped within a week for me

  3. i'm glad i finaly got my muscle milk to holland

    now we have an importer aswell (syntrax's importer)

    i only used r-ala which a guy i know makes

  4. Yeah I bought 180 caps off Iceman a number of months back. I got the package within a matter of days. Granted I do live 3 province's over from him, so it damn well better be fast.

    I also did not go through a website. All was done via e-mail (price list and order). Used paypal for payment.

  5. harconis--ice is usually pretty good--ive been at his site (intense-trainnig) for a while-- he hasnt been around much lately--try emailing him

  6. yeah bro, I post over at intense-training as well, I have not seen iceman around much lately either....
    but I hear good things about his ALA but I myself have not purchased any from him.
    but I have noticed his absence.

  7. apparently he moved and was without internet access for a couple days, its all taken care of.

  8. ok--good i was just about to reost this for you:

    form iceman at
    ALA Orders!
    To all those that have ordered from me in the past month!

    I have sent out 1/2 of the orders and am working on the rest as we speak!

    I have been without cable for a week as I recently moved!

    Between family issues, getting a new job and moving it have been very very difficult to get to the ALA orders!

    I apologies, and will try to clear this up A.S.A.P

    Sorry for the delays!



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