Complete Albumen Power?

  1. Complete Albumen Power?

    this is a egg white powder by iss research , can i get some feedback on this by people who've used this before ? the taste , how it mixes with water , milk etc ? would appreciate the help , thanx .

  2. why not just eat eggs?

  3. lol , thats what i'm doing now , but egg has a perfect amino acid profile , so ofcourse more never hurts .

  4. Just wanted to tell you Ray I am glad you are posting over here.. only reason I deleted the other thread was it was a double post.. just house cleaning things.. promise

  5. i posted twice ? **** i didnt realise man , sorry .
    but damn guys , cmon , some one must have tried it !

  6. Sorry, never tried it and don't know anybody who has. However, my brother raves about Optimum Nutrition's Egg Protein.


  7. they are all pretty much the same , does he say it tastes good ? this product has 2 flavors , so i'm thinking it wouldnt be tasting that bad ...

  8. I can't remember which flavor he orders, but he says it's the best tasting protein powder ever.



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