Encapsulation Devices

  1. Encapsulation Devices

    Are there any out there other than cap-m-quick or the capsule machine that can cap more than 25-50 caps?

    Ive seen a few machines that require you to show your drivers license and stuff...im not down with that.

    Second question....Which do u like better..Cap-m-quick or capsule machine.

    cap-m-quick requires you to manually put the tops on...and i heard the powder falls through the holes a lot.

  2. ^^^ those are all I know of. I have a cap m quick, but yeah, it is a tedious process and pretty messy. It makes 50 caps at a time, I could probly make 500 caps an hour if I focused on only that task. What are you capping that you need a larger # of caps per batch?

  3. i like to cap only once per month...and i usually get tired of it after 50 caps lol

  4. This still requires the DL but will be where I order my next machine from:


  5. I have actually used a capsuline machine before it is quite nice, with decent results. Beats the hell out of a spatula and your hands but I have done that to....



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