Tri-Stack with Ephedra and Hoodia

  1. Tri-Stack with Ephedra and Hoodia

    Anyone try Tri-Stack with Ephedra and Hoodia? I'm thinking about getting on a fat burning stack of some sort and was either going to try that or a simple ECY stack. What seems to be the best fat burning products out there right now? I personally don't mind stims or ephedra at all and I want to loose like 15-20 pounds. I've been doing cardio along with my lifting and I'd love the extra boost from something. Any suggestions?

  2. i am currently running basic cuts. i added in the ephedrine and the asprin its dirt cheap ,and the pea + hord in it makes me happy. i dont get that anxious feeling i used to get from old school stackers.

  3. ephedra should stim you enough to control appetite so i wouldn't waste time or money on hoodia. besides hoodia extracts don't seem to work, probably underdosed and don't have thermogenic properties.

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