when to take the anarchy stack?

  1. when to take the anarchy stack?

    Ok, I'm trying to figure out the best time to take all these stupid pills. Right now this is how I'm doing it:

    1g ALCAR
    200mg R+ALA
    6g CLA
    5mg Biotin
    800mg Green Tea extract

    Preworkout (about 15-30min. before, late afternoon):
    1g ALCAR
    400mg R+ALA
    5mg Biotin
    800mg Green Tea extract

    So my questions are basically this:

    Should I be taking the doses of each "pre" or "post" workout?

    Should I divide the second dose of R+ALA into two 200mg servings and take one with a lunch and the other "pre" or "post" workout?

    And if anyone knows off hand, why shouldn't you take CLA with Flax Seed Oil? and does this mean at all during the day or just in immediatly after taking one? (read this a while ago in the Anarchy Stack thread, but I can't seem to find it again)



  2. check out the anarchy thread bro

  3. RJ,

    Do you know for fact that the answers to the first two questions are in that thread?, if so, I'm happy to look again, I just may not be understanding info as much as I should and applying it to my questions.

    Like I said, I know the third question is answered or atleast partly addressed in that thread, but like I said, I haven't been able to find it and I don't have all day to look for it over and over again, thus I was hoping someone would know off hand. Looks like a thread just posted will address that question more specificly though.


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