My Swole V2 Results

  1. My Swole V2 Results

    Yesterday marked the end of my first "cycle", if you will, of Syntrax's new version of Swole, Swole V2. I must admit that I was skeptical of the results to be had before I started using it, based on the literature stating that GPA (of which Swole V2 has 500 mg. per serving) adversely affected ATP synthesis and muscle fibers. It was concluded over at the Syntrax boards that the small dose of GPA in Swole V2 (SV2 from here on out) wouldn't be enough to have these adverse affects. My results speak for themselves, as supporting the above hypothesis. Here we go:

    Start Date: September 1st, 2003
    Start Weight: 190


    Weight Training - Three Times Per Week - HIT Style; Using the Training Protocol Outlined in DC's thread "Cycles On Pennies" over at the Animal Kits board. The actual thread is 94 pages and can be found here:

    IronAddict's Summary Can Be Found here:

    Essentially, it is a two day split in which you train three times for week. It's an amazing routine. I've been on it for some time now, with nothing but praise for it.

    As for Cardio, I do three 30-45 minute sessions per week, alternating between HIT Cardio (sprints) work-outs and slow-go cardio.

    Diet: High-Protein/Moderate Fat/Moderate-Low Carbs

    The only thing I really count in my diet is protein intake. No matter what, I always get in over 225 grams of protein per day, mainly from meat sources. I don't count fat grams or carb grams, but I try to eat at least one source of EFAs per day, and the only carbs I eat are of the whole-grain, low glycemic index type.

    End Date: September 30th, 2003
    End Weight: 195

    Comments: This stuff is excellent. I'd have to say that I probably gained more than the 5 pounds that the scale is showing, as I look alot leaner and more vascular. Definitely no bloat-weight either, as with other creatines.

    Pumps on this thing are amazing. Alot of people have been wondering how SV2 stacks up against V-12. The pumps on V-12 are great too, but they're alot more superficial than the ones with SV2. Meaning, they die quickly, and muscle isn't pumped in its' deep bellies. With SV2, the pumps are deep; the whole muscle gets engorged with blood, and it feels awesome. An important note is that I never gained any weight off of V-12, but with Swole V2 I gained over 5 pounds of lean tissue.

    And to wrap things up, I'm going to talk about the taste. Pogue compared it to Tang, and yes, it really is that good. This is probably the best tasting of all the creatines I've tried. Yes RippedUp, taste is subjective, but to this subject, this stuff's great!

    Questions/comments? Ask away....

  2. Fantastic. Any idea of your bodyfat, before and after? With your diet, i can safely say your pounds gained were quality gains. Good Job man. Anything else you stacked the creatine with?

  3. Sage - I really can't give you an exact percentage on the body fat. I've never really gotten it checked; my abs are clearly visible, but I'm not as shredded as a bodybuilder in competition shape, so I'd estimate somewhere between 6-10%.

    Trioplex bars, some protein shakes (either muscle milk or isopure) and tons of vitamins were the only other things I was on.

  4. Sounds like it went well Sheesh. Congrats on the newly aquired pounds!

  5. Was curious... did you take it only on training days, or every day? Methinks it would be fairly economical if taken only on training days.

  6. JCC - I took it every day. I guess it would be more economical to take it only on training days.

  7. I don't think it is a good idea to take it only on training days, you need to have the supplement saturating your muscle cells, then you will really achieve your deep muscle pumps as sheesh says.


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