Havoc Before and After Pics

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    Here we go again boys. Its been almost 1 year and I am about to take my next cycle of Havoc. Wanting to drop my body fat and lean up. Looks like i will start in about 2 weeks. I will post more pics.. current befores and post my progress.

    You gonna just keep this thread going?

  2. Yes. I am just going to keep this same thread going. Its been a very long year with alot of training and hard work.. But i wanted to show progress over time and with 1yr inbetween cycles...

  3. nice post... imformative at points and nice pics + progress about to start my own epithin-e/havoc cycle, nice one mate

  4. so what happened to the b4 and after pics of the new cycle??? heaps interested what the second round a year later will turn out to be!!!

  5. I completely agree with you! Very refreshing to actually SEE results!!! Kinda hard to IMAGINE what those results would have looked like. Definitely appreciating you posting this log; thank you!



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