CLT, carnitine-l-tartrate info please

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by jayts22 View Post
    They have Acetyl L-Carnitine
    is that the same thing???

    Go to

    Click on Create Capsule

    Click on Amino Acids

    Scroll down to L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate

  2. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post
    it just lists l-carnitine at 1800mg. plcar at 200mg. so this isn't lclt?
    Certainly not.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    Certainly not.
    INDEED!!! lol. thanks, strat.

  4. Dsade, you seem to know your stuff. I am wondering about CLT's origins. Was it found in nature, or is it a modified nutrient, similar to AAKG?

  5. Ok so I will make some pills at custom capsule, any ideas on how much I should take each day?

  6. I'd say about 3 grams

  7. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    I just send 12 units of 100 grams each out to Nutra. I'm just liquidating assets, so it should be reasonably priced and cheap enough to play with at high dosage.
    only 12? its gona be gone quick. i really want one! i got the plcar but im really not noticing anything from it :-/

  8. Quote Originally Posted by tnubs View Post
    only 12? its gona be gone quick. i really want one! i got the plcar but im really not noticing anything from it :-/
    UNfortunately that's about all I have.
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  9. Whats the difference between l-carnitine l-tartrate and Acetyl-L-Carnitine?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by tnubs View Post
    i really wish nutra would stock this either NOW caps or bulk. seems like its gettin a lot of attention. i got some PLCAR but i havnt felt anything from it.
    X 2!! I still have two tubs from RPN that i'm using with Genomyx Protocol (1 gm LCLT per serving) and I would like to pick it up with my regular nutra order. If all else fails I'll get it from CC.

    Quote Originally Posted by machinehead View Post
    I've done it with test boosters but testofen worked the best. Go to , they claim it binds to androgen receptors which might explain why it worked so well for me with the LCLT. It didn't matter how tired or sleepy or out of it I felt, there were always reps coming out of nowhere on a DC routine that necessitates adding weight each time or reps. I did both

    The first time I used Phyto-test I got incredible recovery but no unusual strength gains. Changing one variable made all the difference.

    They sell ALCAR and L-Carnitine Fumerate in bulk and custom formulas but LCLT in custom formulas only. I managed to fit 450mg LCLT, 100mg Alpha Lipoic Acid and 250mcg Biotin in a cap. I took 2 of those 3 times daily plus a few grams of ALCAR in my post-workout shake but I've been doing the ALCAR for a while.

    I generally don't respond to things guys around here rave about (divanil, drive etc.) but this combo was the best. I think LCLT + Phyto-test + ALR Pro Anabol would be as good as it gets and I'll give it a try once I start 'bulking' again next year.
    very interesting. i have some bottles of updrive from jarrow laying around, so i'll have to give this a try.

    I'm loving my carnitine stack as far as recovery and mass gains. I haven't tested my endurance yet, so no idea if it helps there.

    My current stack is

    5:00am- 500mg gplc, 300mg plcar, 1gm lclt


    2:30pm- 4.5g gplc

    4:00pm- 1 gm lclt

    9:30pm- 1g lclt

    supps i use. RPN bulk LCLT, RPN DCP, Genomyx Protocol, Primordial Performance bulk GPLC, and Life xtension Peak ATP+GlycoCarn.

    The LF Ext Peak ATP+ GPLC I bought a long time ago and would buy again because of price.

    I also have plans of using Gaspari's Anavite when nutraplanet gets it in because each dose has a full serving of LCLT and BA in it. I'll also be using Primordial's ArginoCarn and RPN bulk PLCAR when i run out of the LF Ext stuff.

  11. Whats the difference between l-carnitine l-tartrate and Acetyl-L-Carnitine? Anyone?

  12. one is acetylated... j/k

    here's some stuff for LCLT i skimmed thru on google scholar. it's easy to find studies done on both. Hope this helped.

    Ten healthy, recreationally weight-trained men (mean +/- SD age 23.7 +/- 2.3 years, weight 78.7 +/- 8.5 kg, and height 179.2 +/- 4.6 cm) volunteered and were matched, and after 3 weeks of supplementation (2 g LCLT per day), fasting morning blood samples were obtained on six consecutive days (D1-D6). Subjects performed a squat protocol (5 sets of 15-20 repetitions) on D2. During the squat protocol, blood samples were obtained before exercise and 0, 15, 30, 120, and 180 minutes postexercise. After a 1-week washout period, subjects consumed the other supplement for a 3-week period, and the same experimental protocol was repeated using the exact same procedures. Expected exercise-induced increases in all of the hormones were observed for GHir, GHif, IGFBP-3, and T. Over the recovery period, LCLT reduced the amount of exercise-induced muscle tissue damage, which was assessed via magnetic resonance imaging scans of the thigh. LCLT supplementation significantly (p < 0.05) increased IGFBP-3 concentrations prior to and at 30, 120, and 180 minutes after acute exercise. No other direct effects of LCLT supplementation were observed on the absolute concentrations of the hormones examined, but with more undamaged tissue, a greater number of intact receptors would be available for hormonal interactions. These data support the use of LCLT as a recovery supplement for hypoxic exercise and lend further insights into the hormonal mechanisms that may help to mediate quicker recovery.

    (C) 2003 National Strength and Conditioning Association

    Conclusion: In summary, these data demonstrated that: 1) feeding after RE increased AR content, which may result in increased testosterone uptake, and thus enhanced luteinizing hormone secretion via feedback mechanisms; and 2) LCLT supplementation upregulated AR content, which may promote recovery from RE.

  13. when taking your ALA w/ carnitines .. can you just buy reg ALA or does it have to be the ultra-bio available Na-R-ALA.. cuz that's hard to find by itself. I take Glycobol which has Na-R-ALA in it, but not always simultaneous with my ALCAR. It is usually like an hour before my workout with carbs and then ALCAR Pre-WO...

    any .02?


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