I have some puffy nips that might be fat but decided to give the p-5-p a try just in case it was progestin gyno from way back in the day. So I've been taking this stuff for 2 weeks at 150-200 mg/day. On Sunday, I woke up with a little itch on my right nipple. I scratched and it felt soooo goood. So anyway it started to burn later on. Later that day I noticed it had swollen up some. Thing is, its not the aerola but ONLY the tip or duct, whatever it is. It is also hard to the touch. If you ask me it feels kind of dry/swollen. It's been 2 days since and nothing has subsided. The burning can also get pretty intense. Example monday i was doing cardio and as my nipple rubbed my shirt it burned so much it put me on a really bad mood... but somehow stopped after a while even when still rubbing the shirt. I don't know, but I'm just going to throw this out there... since p-5-p is alleged to help reduce progestin gyno and lower prolactin levels... could it have dried my duct/prolactin so much this thing came as a side effect?