First ever PH cycle any ideas?

  1. First ever PH cycle any ideas?


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    I've been lifting on and off for the last 6 years. I'm 23, 5'8, 170lbs at about 15% bf. When I first started hitting the weights I was 130 lbs with over 20% bf, so I like to say that I've came a long way even with just lifting off and on.

    Anyways, I've been doing a lot of research and I would like to do a PH cycle. I want to do something very mild and something that would stack well with a bottle of Massfx and Recreate. I see a lot of hype about 3-AD, Havoc, Superdrol; however, I hear Superdrol is more of a hardcore PH.

    My diet is pretty clean I'd say... Actually its probably the cleanest its ever been. My daily calorie intake is anywhere from 2400-3k. with about 200-250g of protein. Now my daily calorie intake varies because some days I like to stay low on carbs for up to 3 days and then carb up on some wheat pasta, rice, and even some Special K. So on low carb days I'm usually sitting at about 75g of carbs and my med/high carb days I'm at 175-225g.

    I eat a lot of egg whites, natty pb, 2 servings of tuna a day, a lot of chicken, cottage cheese, skim milk, cashews, and a few shakes of whey. Anyways thats just a basic break down of my diet... I think its pretty legit but I'm still learning the ropes here.

    As a PCT I will have on hand:
    Natural Test boost = Blue-up
    Aromatase Inhibitor = Hyperdrolx2 ( Tapered down each week )
    Liver support = Perfect Cycle

    Questionable additions to PCT?
    SERM = Nolvadex ( I hear SERM is not necessary for a mild PH cycle... Can someone elaborate? )
    Cortisol Control product?

    And thats it... What would you guys suggest for a first PH cycle? My intent is to gain some dry lean mass and also cut down a little fat in the process.

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