Recreate and Leviathan R

  1. Recreate and Leviathan R

    Taking Recreate now, about to finish the second bottle, ordered Leviathan Reloaded to take and compare.

    Can I go right into LR with no days in between?

    Do you think i still need to start with 1 in the a.m. and 1 in the p.m.? Or since i've been taking Recreate this long, i should be ok with at least 2 in the a.m. and 1 in the p.m.?

    how's this stack for a recomp? LR, Pfull, Multi, and Fishoil with some Coq Diesel thrown in the mix.

  2. How'd you do with the Recreate?

    How was appetite?

  3. you may want to take some time off from stims cause levr is a little light on them ,and you may not get the stim feeling your looking for. how was the recreate. I would love to try it stacked with powerfull.

  4. I didn't really notice the appetite suppression. I felt hungry just as much taking it as i did before.

    I did like the energy it gave me. it wasn't a crazy stim feeling but more of a "can't sit still" energy. the only thing i didn't like was i couldn't "feel" anything off the two in the p.m.

    so LR isn't any stronger than Recreate in the stim's?

  5. havent tried recreate. I didnt get a load of energy off of levr. thats not what it is made for. maybe try something like tight extreme or adrenalean for a good stim buzz (havent personally tried them but they look good) also meltdown works well in the fat loss dept but not in the exreme energy dept.

  6. so do you think i could use recreate and lr together?

  7. you could but i would take half the dose of recreate when taking LR, because LR is a stim and since you don't want the stim'd out feeling i would dose them that way.


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