Glutamine Pre or Post Workout? and what is Taurine?

  1. Glutamine Pre or Post Workout? and what is Taurine?

    Should I take glutamine before or after working out and what are its main benefits? Also what benefits can you get from taurine? Thanks.

  2. Don't waste your money on glutamine. Taurine is an amino acid. It is most commonly used by those on clenbuterol to avoid nasty cramping.

  3. Use glutamine 20 gms pre-workout, and 20 gms before bed for a noticeable difference in recovery time.

  4. i use glut peptides, i just mix 20 grams into my post workout shake.

  5. I'd also recommend BCAA's

  6. john blaze , what brand of peptide glutamine are u using ? i tried kilosports and it was the worst tasting **** ever !


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