Need a little advice

  1. Need a little advice

    Hey guys whats up?
    I just finished a recomp phase, using a combo of ap, pslin and recreate. It helped me get down to around 245. Now i want to put some serious mass back on. I am going into a serious westside styled training program so i'll be lifting heavy in the 1-3 range. i'm looking for a decent stack to help with strength and puttin on a little mass. I'll be letting myself go and be eatting like demon again so i have those two aspects covered thanks guys:squat:

  2. I would keep the AP and Pslin and add Powerfull to the mix, I ran this stack a while ago and made awesome gains. I definitely highly recommend RPM by Applied Nutriceuticals, the stuff is unreal and you will definitely love the rush of energy, strength and alpha-male feeling.
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  3. yea i was thinkin about rpm but i'm a huge fan of r4w. i was also taking a look at powerfull, i def am going to try nos ether by diesel he makes great products

  4. R4W is pretty sick, RPM and that are similar but R4W seemed to last longer and RPM seemed to be better for strength.
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  5. AP/P-Slin combo is SICK! I'm going to return some stuff to the Vitamin Shoppe and get some Powerfull
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