MASS FX & T-Drive

  1. MASS FX & T-Drive

    Just curious on how you guys think these two stack up together. vs others like
    MASS FX/hyperdrol or MASS FX/T-force

    hyperdrol is just more expensive than others and figured the T-drive (which has 6-bromo in it will yeild similar results) am I wrong here?

  2. well tdrive only has 12mgs per youd have to take 10capsules a day to equal only 2 caps of hyperdrol...

    For a stack very similar + cheaper i recommend
    Bulk Nettle
    if u have other questions about stacking recommendations just ask

  3. In our defence, I'd like to site the Utah State Supreme Court case of 1985 of Getwhatchya vs. Payfor.

    Price is often relative to quality, quantity, and a decent product. Not bashin' T-drive or whatever here, but the combination of ingredients in HX2 just does make it a better product for the overall goals. It's like buying a car... Sure, you can go out and just buy a car. Or, you can just go with an engine strapped to some wheels and hope that you remembered to hook up the linkage right.
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  4. i often have a problem with ax over price of their products, but hdx2 with 50mg of 6-bromo cissus and other goodies is actually a better deal.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  5. thanks guys.
    I actually love AX supps. just asking cause low on funds as of right now. I know about yalls goods. thanks for the comments.



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