Anything that shouldnt be taken at night??

  1. Anything that shouldnt be taken at night??

    Not sure where to post or how to really get the point across, but I am wondering if there are any facts that show its bad to take your supplements at night or before bed.

    Things like multi vitamin, zinc, fish oil, hawthorne berry, policosanol, phylum husk, digestive enzymes, vitamin C, celery seed, etc.
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  2. You mentioned zinc - not sure if you're taking a ZMA supp (which should be taken before bed), but if so make sure you're not taking calcium with it. Your body would use the magnesium for calcium absorption and pretty much render the ZMA useless.

  3. Thanks for the zma tip, anymore, or anyone else have any thing to add. I dont want to waste my supps if taking them at night would be less effective than in the am or throughout the day.
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  4. Yeah, don't take stims before bed either.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by shaddow View Post
    Yeah, don't take stims before bed either.
    Haha, well one would think that would be a no brainer, but I have read post about people takin stims late in the evening and wondering why they cant sleep.
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