mass fx or anabolic pump

  1. mass fx or anabolic pump

    alright boys, quick question as I am going to submit my order as soon as someone responds to this question.

    I will be travelling for half of the month that I will be taking these products... as such my meals wont be guarenteed quality! I can always find protein but my carbs are often not the best and my sugar intake will be much higher...

    I am nto expecting to GAIN **** loads of mass, however I would like to retain most of what I have.

    Anabolic pump sounds ideal...
    Mass FX just sounds fun for a non pro-hormal supplement.

    I will also be taking nos ether incase someone asks.

  2. If half of the month you are traveling I would wait till you are at home for the duration to start. Road food is not the best for this type of diet and neither supp is cheap. For the money and to help in the success of the cycle I would wait till you can control the diet or you may as well mail them to me.

  3. I'd get the new Mass FX...

  4. Not to worried about the price... And to be honest ( i know this will sound bad) but if I am taking somethign like one of these products... It will guarentee that my diet will be SOOOOO much cleaner than if I were to not be on anything...

    It just gives me that extra motivational push... PLus I usually cycle pro-hormones and have been wantign to try one of these for a while. And what better time since I will not be taking anythign hormonal on this trip for obvious reasons.

  5. The I'd go with Mass FX

  6. MErci!

  7. Why not both?? I just started my own cycle of both these supps & from what I have researched they both do separate things. The AP would allow you to eat junk if you had I've been told and the Mass FX will increase free Test.

    If you are gonna be working out, then I say both is OK. My 2 cents!


  8. Well just for the record, I started my stack sat. 5/31 with 3-AD and AP just happened to fined a bottle of mas fx I bought a while back and decided to throw it in for this cycle. So far so good, stength and everything else is up and I mean everything! I think once the 3-AD kicks in I might blow-up!!!
    Feels like I have the evergy to cruse already! Good luck I will be checkin in frome time to time.


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