1. Question Atro-phex


    I just started trying to get back in shape about 2 weeks ago. I went to GNC who ripped me off big-time with their crazy high prices and bought ATRO-PHEX. I saw the same thing for about $25 bucks cheaper on Nutraplanet. The reason I wrote this thread was to see if anyone has used this product before?
    I'm about to start taking 4 pills a day while keeping up with regular cardio work-outs every other day. I noticed that my heart-rate doesn't sky-rocket when I run which is good. I just want to see what people can tell me about this product. Thanks.

  2. Never used it, but there are tons of reviews on this stuff. Just do a search and you will find what you need.

  3. First lesson - don't go into GNC and take what the salespeople say on 100% faith.

    Take with a grain of salt.

    2nd - ALWAYS check internet sites to compare prices before buying from GNC.

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