Anabolic Pump How long to see results?

  1. Anabolic Pump How long to see results?

    How long did it take you to start to "see" AP working its magic...

    i have been on it for 6 days and so far my muscles feel fuller .... im on recreate as well so i am leaning out a little but not to much...

    my energy in the gym is amazing...i did legs today and i just felt awesome....i have 80gs of oats for breakfast and 60gs in my preworkout shake.......

    should i cut back on the carbs ...... incase of fat gain?

    and when taking AP you have to wait exactly 15 min before consuming carb containing meals or like within the window of 10-20 would still be ok?.....

  2. I started to see results just after I finished my first bottle. I thought I'd give it another month to see if it would finally work like I was told it would---great thing that I did. I really don't want to train without it now. I actually need to find a way to buy it in bulk to save some $$ as it will very likely be a staple in my supp regime.

  3. 80g of Oats isn't too much. Do you mean 80g of carbs or oats total? I usually take about 125-150g of raw oats + berries, some milk in my porridge.

    If you're leaning out like you alluded to, I think your carb and cal intake is OK. Just keep checking at the end of the week to see what you're putting on

  4. The first pill. Inflated as hell biceps doing 8 reps with weight I could normally do 4-5.

  5. After first week; I broke through a plateau of not being able to gain weight. It was awesome.



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