NOZ and Mr. Dupont...

  1. NOZ and Mr. Dupont...

    I know you guys hate hearing about Rodney Dupont and his new Nutrabolics product line, ironically I couldn't agree more. But, I must give credit where its due.

    I've tried V12 before and didn't get much out of it. But, as I thought about it some more, I think the results from it were kinda offset due to some overtraining that I had been experiencing, so before I cancel it out, I would have to give it another shot to truly evaluate it IMHO.

    So, I ordered some NOZ out of pure curiosity and started it on Monday. Today is Thursday and I'm so friggin hard and pumped after not even training for a day, that I'm admittedly going to say that it's more pronounced than a 1-Test cycle. I've only done like 3 or so 1-Test cycles and at the most they were 3 weeks long. So, we may not like Rodney's marketing tactics, but that doesn't say $hit about his product. I'm a bit dragged down by the price, but will probably be buying some more.

    Oh yeah, you gotta be careful with where you store it and open it because the R-ALA causes it to clump up like a bitch. I try to open it in a fairly dark and cool place as well as storing it there.

  2. I thought ALA was degraded very quickly if not capped.

  3. Yeah, like I said, I'm pretty sure that the bottle just acts as kind of a big cap or whatever. Just make sure that you treat the bottle with some respect when storing/opening it.

  4. I too am using NOZ. Here is my review on****167385

    Im not sure if Im going to buy another bottle or go with V2.

  5. Yeah, thanx man, I checked it out before. I haven't tried V2 yet either, it would be nice to know how well it works as its much cheaper.

  6. id just like to know if anyone has taken all 3 products, NOZ/V2/V12 and their comparisons and comments on each...which worked best???


  7. guys,

    as i fear the rala in noz is degraded, i took it with mike's rala 100mg together with the noz pluz i added 1 more gram of l-Argine. and i was like ****, my viens were like poping out and i felt hard. thou i dun like the feeling still the veins and hardness lasted for few hours. i heard that taking no2 for 2 weeks b4 noz will make it even harder pumps. well juz my feedback.

    nutrabolics, can u plz just give us the r-ala in caps form instead of put it in the noz? it think it will be better and more ppl will buy it. pluz i paid so much money and i dun want to have degraded r-ala.

  8. LOL, I dunno about selling the caps seperately but I'd like more of an explanation myself. Seems everyday my Noz keeps getting more and more clumpier (is that a word?). It seems as though the quality is even lessening as well.

  9. I dont have a problem with my NOZ. It did get a little bit clumpy but nothing to complain about. I just have it sitting right on top of my table. cashiertan you got the extra pump from the additon of the arginine. I was thinking about adding Arginine Pyro and some artric root to my next bottle.

  10. dito, with the arginine are you speaking of during workout or keeping even more of a pump with the addition?

    I've read a lot of people are doing that now. Are you just gonna mix it
    with your NOZ, or are you going for that diet soda contraption?

    Whats the artic root for bro.

  11. Both.

    I dont drink soda so I will just take it with the NOZ.

    Artic Root aka rhodiola rosea

  12. Sweet bro, how much arginine you gonna take?

    You ever try 5-htp? I bought the 100mg caps. I took one the other night after having a $hitty sleep pattern for awhile and it did the trick. Last night I took another dose and I didn't even get up in the night to pi$$, but when I woke up I felt heartburn, cramps, like $hit until I pi$$ed. I didn't move once throughout the night, weird. I think I'm even still feeling it atm, because I'm sitting here trying to force feed myself, but I'm just not hungry. 5-htp is supposed to supress appetite.

  13. I also recently tried NOZ... A review can be found at****173460

  14. I have looked at 5 htp but wasnt really that intrested. For sleep I just take about 10 grams of taurine in some ICE. The artic root would be for other purposes. If you look at the description on BAC they have most of its claims listed. Im not sure if I will add the Arginine pyro yet. The pumps I have been having have been pretty intense.

  15. Originally posted by frofan
    I also recently tried NOZ... A review can be found at****173460
    how did u like it?

  16. Originally posted by nutrabolics

    how did u like it?
    Dont forget to send me the Diablo for review on this board.

  17. Originally posted by nutrabolics

    how did u like it?
    It worked pretty good. I reviewed it on the bodybuilding forum, if you clicked on the link. I put on some good mass, and strength went up.

    If you have any new products, send me a PM, I would be more than happy to review them too.

  18. This thread just reminded me of going back and posting my results from all three cell-volumizers.

    I had tried NOZ, and like I said in the above post, it worked extremely well for me. Directly after that jug, I started on some V12 again to give it another shot since the last time I was O/T'ing, etc and wasn't able to give it a really fair shot. The second time was MUCH better, but I still thought that the NOZ was above it.

    I took a month off and am currently taking Swole V2. I'm like 3 weeks into it, and I can honestly say that I liked V12 better than it. All aspects to, pumps, strength, vascularity, etc.

    But the NOZ IMHO beats them all. BUT, its just too pricey, for now on, I'll stick to the V12, unless the price of NOZ lowers.

  19. Its generally accepted that the stuff about R-ALA degrading is complete Bull**** spread by AST.

    Unless someone can post some proof.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Lonny
    Its generally accepted that the stuff about R-ALA degrading is complete Bull**** spread by AST.

    Unless someone can post some proof.
    Yeah, if thats the case, the R-ALA I bought from MIke would turn to $hit too since he puts it into a see-through plastic bottle. All kinds of light goes through it. I must say though, I can definately tell when it gets older or whatever, after awhile the stufff starts to smell like rotten eggs. You guys have to be able to smell that right?

    I don't think its sensitive in those aspects either, but that smell makes you wonder.


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