About to start with Animal M-Stak

  1. About to start with Animal M-Stak

    Hi Guys,

    I'm about to start taking animal m-stak along with N.O. xplode. I've been working out for a couple years, started with N.O. last october.

    Had a question about the M-Stak:
    1) Do I need to take it on off days?
    2) Do I really need to take it 45 mins before a workout? I'm thinking I'll eat my meal with the pills, digest for 1.5 - 2 hours and then drink NO Xplode and hit the gym.
    3) What is your opinion of animal m-stak? Any fears of side effects?

    Thanks guys, much appreciated

  2. Have you actually bought it yet?

  3. Yes, I have. Why? Have other suggestions?

  4. Well, go ahead since I doubt you can take it back but next time look here before you jump. And yes there are a few others I would pick. If you want non-hormonal stack there are plenty here and they have logs. Search is your friend. Mass FX and hyperdrol is one that comes to mind.

  5. Ah, indeed I'll look into some other products next time. But for now, can anyone help with my questions? Thanks!

  6. 1) You can it won't really matter if you do or not.
    2)It is good to take on a empty stomach just like the No-Xplode but you can take it with food if you want to.
    3)Overpriced and No side effects

  7. i agree with everything bama said. but id also like to add that animal products work best when stacked together...IMO...

  8. i would take with good because there are vits/mins here involved.

    just my too scents.

    do some searches on methoxy to get a feel for what to expect here from others.


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