used x-factor?? read this!!

  1. used x-factor?? read this!!

    Just wanted to get some thoughts on what fat sources people are using while on x-factor, seeing as how it has fairly strict guidelines. I've read that coconut oil is one safe bet because of the type of fat it is. What do/have you used for fat calories while on x-factor??

  2. Eggs - Beef - Peanut Butter - Milk
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  3. You will be fine with your fats as long as you don't eat a ton of fatty fish. The guidelines aren't as strict as when they first introduced it, but pmiller's suggestion is great
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  4. macadamia nut oil, avocado oil, coconut oil are all good.
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  5. Coconut Oil, Pistachios, Eggs, Lots of Meat. I just avoid salmon and my fish-oil caps, and use regular eggs instead of the Omega-3 eggs. I wouldn't worry too much about some Omega-3's. Give this a read

  6. What they said

  7. hey thanks a lot everybody. The interview read helped as well!


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