is massfx/primal male be a better combo than actxtreme/tforce?

  1. is massfx/primal male be a better combo than actxtreme/tforce?

    ive done two cycles of tforce/activate extreme/stoked.i love the whole fadogia,divanil and resveratrol combo(someone should come out with a supp containing all 3).

    for the next cycle im gonna do,i was thinking of changing it gonna add 6-oxo and stoked(d.i.y. 6-oxo extreme).just wondering if the $12 more for massfx extreme is worth it over activate extreme(damn thats a lot of lame "extreme") for my divanil source.and if all the extra ingredients of primal male is that much better than t-force,or are they not really that necessary.

  2. not too sure on this but i will comment that stoked and mass fx maximum are quality products, actually every product you named is. If you have had success with activate extreme i would say stick with it. but if you willing to venture out try it

  3. i would say to stack AX and only estimating here but if u take 4 caps of each u should be getting around 1200-1800mgs of divanil...if u add in 6-oxo extreme (5caps ED) it should really workout great...maybe even some 7-OH-DHEA to control cort levels

  4. i'd say the primal male is worth a try. As far as massfx vs activate xtreme, I think the question is about goals. if you are bulking then i'd give the massfx a shot. if you are recomping/cutting i'm not sure there is that much advantage to it.

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