protein diversity in supplements

  1. protein diversity in supplements

    I was thinking of making a custom blend over at
    and what I'd like to do is combine whey, soy, egg, gemma and hemp. I was thinking that it would make a good all-around supplement that would have proteins coming from varying sources, mimicking how the protein in our diets should be. However, since it is already processed to varying degrees, do you think the diversity of the mix would still be effectively beneficial, or should I just stick to one or two types in a blend?

  2. No opinions on this?

  3. Why don't you just try the team skip mix thats a pre-made blend there? Hemp is not really a fun/tasty protein to drink, soy has a lot of controversy and gemma doesn't have much backing behind it. The team skip is a whey/egg/casein blend and will definitely be a nice anytime protein for you. Feel free to use discount code PKM142 on TP to save 5% !
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