1 supp to retain muscle on highrep/endurance plan

  1. 1 supp to retain muscle on highrep/endurance plan

    I'm having to switch my training plan. I'll be going to from strength/hypertrophy to little or no weight training. Think usmc style PT.

    If you could pick one supplement to help retain muscle during this transition what would it be?

  2. Question

    How about pulsing EPI or an EPI clone?

  3. Xtend...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by edvanp View Post
    How about pulsing EPI or an EPI clone?
    I would do that, but I'm already on an epi cycle

  5. It's simple physiology:if it's not used, then it will atrophy. If you have muscle that is a direct result of resistance training, then the only way to maintain it is by resistance training. BCAAs will help, but they will not stave of the atrophy.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. beta alanine

  7. I'd say a toss up between BA or BCAAs, both have great muscle retention ability, but unfortunately, as Rodja said, you still need the stimulus of resistance training for them to be most effective.

  8. Actually diet will help of course if you are maintaining your weight as best you can anyway. I am an endo and rarely lost much muscle when I stop training my big problem is weight gain.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  9. Why 1 if i may ask? Just due to budget? If not go with the previous mentioned and whatever more to come.

  10. Just 1 because of budget and I don't like having to take **** out of 8 bottles. It's just annoying.

    I did my first workout of this type yesterday and it beat the piss out of me. I haven't been this sore in several years.

  11. ahhh i gotcha. I know what you mean too, it does get old after awhile.

    I do a front upper/legs/upper back split when i first come backif i take a week off, beats the crap outta me compared to a 2 part a day split.
    Good luck.


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