What would YOU do for charity?

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  1. The Naval Special Warfare Foundation http://www.nswfoundation.org/

    Or the Program my friend has to get Surefire G2's (and other gear) to Soldiers in Iraq.

    Or...any program to that takes care of our countries Soldiers and Veterans, since a huge part of their proper welcome home should involve them being thanked and recognized for the sacrifices they made when we asked them to.

  2. While I was in school in Alabama my class volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, I didnt quit understand it because the family we built a storage shed for looked well off... so now I just give monthly donations to the Boy an Girls Club and another organization through the Military Campaigns. And I donate funds to organizations that provide help and assistance to my fellow soldiers.

    I'm deployed so thats why I dont give my time right now

  3. Special Days Camp. Its for kids with cancer and leukemia.


  4. I would give to any organization that helps children born with serious medical conditions. ie. cancer, MS, Autism, ect... It really tears me up to see a child suffer for any reason .

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    More details to come!!!

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    Or don't be promiscuous?
    Good advice.

    I donate to Susan G. Komen. Breast cancer. Mom died last year from it so it's close to the heart. Also various Christian orgs. Young Life, etc.


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