After 1st Cycle Stack-comments Please!

  1. After 1st Cycle Stack-comments Please!

    Finishing up my 1st cycle ever, Epistane Clone called E-MAX. Was great! Sad that it's almost over...was an 8 week EOD pulse with weekends off!

    Just ordered from NP the following:

    MASS FX,
    LEAN EXTREME (these 2 were recommended instead of Hyperdrol X2)

    What do u guys think? Did I order too much all at once? Will I see exciting results like I did with the E-MAX/EPISTANE????

    Thanx Lucky!

  2. PCS and or Hyperdrol might be a good idea. I am no expert on what to take after a pulse. I had good success with these though. Libido can back and then some.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  3. Forgot to mention I am still gonna take Advanced PCT and cycle support. They recommended Lean Extreme & Drive in place of Hyperdrol.


  4. Can I expect this stack give similar rfesults as the Epistance pulse or I only a steroid gonna give me those results? Anyone?

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