VPX Redline

  1. VPX Redline

    Is this stuff any good?

  2. 2 friends of mine swear by it, never used it personally.

  3. I've used Redline, not so much as part of a cutting stack but rather for energy and alertness.

    I love the drinks, personally no other so-called "energy drink" on the market works for me. The capsules I have to double-dose to get an effect, and it's still not as strong as the drink. The liquid concentrate, IMHO, is a ripoff, I even triple-dosed it a few times and it never did anything for me.

    What are you looking at Redline for, cutting, energy, etc? IMHO there are much better stims out there for cutting (and less expensive) like Leviathan Reloaded. But for energy...nothing beats a Redline drink for me!

  4. I agree, I love a half a bottle of Redline Extreme on a sluggish afternoon. Usually finish the other half 4-6 hours later. Give me a nice boost, but I also agree that it is not really a weight loss thiung, except if it gives you the energy to get my fat lazy a** to the gym.

  5. good for what? energy yes, it does give me the jitters though can comes out to be more per serving than other Pre-WO's

  6. its pretty much liquid crack, the stuff is insane

  7. I have taken it preworkout, But it is some crazy sheyat. If you're just sitting around and take it you might get the shakes.

  8. personally i love the redline extreme one but we have been cut off over here in quebec

  9. I used the liquid bottles in the past and loved them. The Redline gave me a boost during my workout. I never used it for fatloss though, just for an energy boost.

  10. Redline is very effective

  11. I had a bottle of the liquid concentrate, and would drink a shot or two in the morning b4 class or b4 an exam, worked great, definitely gives a boost of energy and for some reason made me a little cold... anyways, don't drink too much b/c two of my room mates decided to chug some b4 a final and were throwing up, jittery, sick and yet again cold from what looked to be a caffeine overdose... that'll teach them never to go through my supps again.. pretty powerful stuff tho. Test your tolerance

  12. man beware of drinking the whole bottle like i did on mistake. im very insensitive to stimulants but this **** freaked me out. i started breathing hard and sweating and had some bad anxiety. and OMG the crash was insane. i felt like i couldnt move it was that bad. never do that again. just make sure to use it as it suggests.

  13. Lightem up I had the same response you did. This was right after ephedra was first banned, i was looking for something hardcore and decided hell I will drink a whole bottle of redline. I thought It was the end... my ears kept ringing, I was trembling, My heart was racing, sweating my rear off and I was freezing at the same time. I couldnt even workout... I made myself puke. A quarter bottle to a half bottle seems to be a good stim... a whole bottle is liquid meth.

  14. HELL YEAH MAN! god it was a major mistake. not to mention it must have wreaked havoc on my body.

  15. The stuff I'm getting is the caps, not the drink.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by AM07 View Post
    The stuff I'm getting is the caps, not the drink.
    There was a time when they sold it as a syrup. It was thick and nasty, but it kicked in like crack.

    Redline is no joke. I sort of miss it, but I'm more of an RPM man these days.

  17. i need to try RPM sometime. its all OVER these forums!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by lightemup View Post
    i need to try RPM sometime. its all OVER these forums!
    Redline's primary benefit is energy, which is cool.

    RPM's benefits include energy AND strength.

    Depending on your goal. If you just want a pre-workout, I'd vote RPM, but if you're trying to lose weight, I think Redline will do a better job at getting you in the mood for some [email protected]$$ cardio (and appetite suppressant). RPM's energy tends to coming flooding in as you workout, whereas, Redline has you ready to go no matter what.

  19. RPM's kick is nowhere as wicked as redlines. I feel great when I take RPM and suffer no crash when it wears off. When my redline experience ended, my body felt like it just ran a marathon.

  20. it's kinda like crack that you drink. i hate it. which is odd, because i love stims. two venom hyperdrive a day? no problem. ECA? you got it. this stuff, however, made me feel like i was having a heart attack.

    granted, because it's an "energy drink", i didn't look for instructions on the bottle, and i drank the whole thing.

  21. What do you all think of the capsules?

  22. Quote Originally Posted by AM07 View Post
    What do you all think of the capsules?
    I liked the capsules. The syrup version of Redline was just quicker absorption, and I believe it was the sugar-free alternative to the drink version of Redline.

    Redline is powerful in any form you take it.

  23. capsules i was only able to take 1 out of the 3 recommended for a full serving. I also dont do often caffine, that may have been why. def gave me a bust of energy very jittery and sweaty and a cold feeling as everyone has noted


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