Need help with my post-workout supps/nutrition

  1. Need help with my post-workout supps/nutrition

    I'm currently taking creatine mono, but I'm also trying to avoid high-gi carbs. I want to take my creatine post-workout but im not sure how. Can i mix with with whey/oats water? Or should i take it with whey/water, wait 30 min, then take my oats?

  2. PWO shake should have protein and carbs. I think a mix of low & high GI carbs is ideal. Try adding Teff Flour to your shakes (get it in the organic section of the grocery stores). You can also try Wazy Maize as a quality carb source.

    Just make a shake w/creatine, whey, oats (ground in coffee grinder), and water.

    You might also want to try CEE (Creatine Ethyl Ester), but make sure it's capped as it tastes horrendous.

  3. Take it with warm water 30 minutes before your carbs and whey, that is how most of the studies on creatine where preformed. The warm water will also help absorption of the creatine.
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