37 year old looking to add to stack for gains

  1. 37 year old looking to add to stack for gains

    am trying to add 5-10 pounds. I am 37 years old 6'2 190 about 12% bodyfat. I am doing a relatively clean bulk to try to get to 200. Do not want to take supps that increase test as I tried Activate Xtreme and liked it but it seemed to increase the speed of an already receding front hairline. I am already taking protein, bcaa, eaa, ba, relentless, creatine. In addition to increasing my calories is there any other supplements recommended.

    no prohormone or test boosters.

    At this point, I am thinking Anabolic Pump. I prefer to make 1 large order. Anything else recommended. Cost is not critical as long as it is high quality.

  2. tattoopierced1
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    AP and or PSlin would work great. You could also look into XFactor

  3. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    AP and or PSlin would work great. You could also look into XFactor
    X2 this is a great stack for what you want.

  4. thanks, AP and PSlin look good. I have read some things about XFactor which make me uncomfortable so I am not going to buy it.

  5. Any other recommendations greatly appreciated.

  6. bulkAA is a great choice...and dont believe all the non-sense u hear about it...its prefectly safe as long as you dont have an inflammatory disease...stack that with bulk forskolin and AP and ull have one very complete stack...i would pick up some additions to taht including BCAA's and EAA's...
  7. Never enough
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    could try MassFX or Bad Ass Mass, both of them are non hormonaly mass gainers.
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  8. how about xf, mass fx, drive/rpm


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