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  1. hormone regulater

    Hey guys, im kinda new to the site, i had one question, Is there trully a supplement out there that balances your homones for good?

    thanks for the input its appreciated

  2. by balancing you mean bringing them back to what they used to be?

    what would be the reason behind this question? Age, Ph/Steroid use, low libido?

  3. DHEA
    HerBalance with Pregnenelone
    Mega Soy
    Saw Palmetto
    Thyroid Cytotropin
    Adrenal Health

    Thyroid Hormone Health
    BMR (Thyroid)
    Thyroid Cytotropin

    Men's Hormone Health
    Male Hormone Profile
    Korean (Panax) Ginseng
    Mega Soy
    Prostate Support
    Saw Palmetto
    St. John's Wort

    (Brain Hormone) Health
    NeuroTransmitter Profile

    St. John's Wort
    St. John's Wort Plus+

    Women's Hormone Health
    Female Hormone Profile (Post Menopausal)
    Female Hormone Profile (Pre Menopausal)

    Black Cohosh Plus+
    Korean (Panax) Ginseng
    HerBalance with Pregnenelone
    Mega Soy

  4. yes bringing them back to normal and keeping them normal its from a ph cycle, yes low libido is one of my problems

  5. check out all the stuff i posted above. I would say check out Post Cycle Support by Anabolic Innovations. I have read good stuff and used the STOKED and enjoyed it much.

  6. What did you run for a post cycle therapy??

  7. clomid or any serm. dermacrine sustain alpha

  8. i would suggest ais pct

  9. for pct i took anabolics xtreme pct, but was wondering which was one better cause that or ais post cycle support cuz iv heard nothing but great things about ais cus axs specifically says in the product description that it regulates hormone levels

  10. No wonder your libido is low. Thats not much of a pct. How long ago did you end your pct?? If it was more than a couple of weeks ago, I think I'd go back on cycle, then end it with a REAL post cycle therapy with a real SERM.

  11. redwolf is right. You should use a real serm as of now their is NO otc sustitute for a serm that will work with highly suppressive compounds/cycles. Post cycle support is a great product and so are the rest mentioned but they should be used in conjunction with something script strength, if you are as shutdown as you say. what ph did you run and for how long? If you do your research and do this properly when your done, your body should do all the "regulating" by itself.

  12. one of my buddies had an extra bottle of x mass and i just got done about 2 months ago from what he told me was the guy who sold it to him said take three pills everyday for a month, he told me he got it at a place called Ultimate Sport Nutrition, what would be a good serm to ask my doctor for?

  13. Unless you have breast cancer, your doctor isn't going to give you a serm.

    First, go do some reading in the Post Cycle Therapy area here and learn what serms there are, and what a good post cycle therapy is. Then I'd suggest Google.

  14. look into tamoxifen citrate as a serm

  15. iv done my research and know what serms there are, its just iv heard so many different opinions i dont know which to follow, but right now im looking into post cycle support ai, sustain alpha, restore and then the normals like liver support red yeast rice etc. was wondering what yalls opinions are on what im looking into

  16. post cycle support is the way to go man. its got everything to regulate you!

  17. I have used sustain alpha and pcs, sustain was better for me. If you want to take a stab at the natty route by all means do so it cant hurt. I would either run 6 oxo and post cycle support together, or stustain alpha and 6 oxo or if you are low on cash just go with sustain alpha it is the most effective standalone. And lift HEAVy; deadlifts, squats, flat bench press, cleans (if you know how) this will help because these lifts are very taxing and in lamens terms tell your body to release testosterone and gh and all the goodies your body naturally! But if this doesnt work I would do some research and find some nolvadex or clomid and run that for four weeks. Redwolfs idea is good because the principle is basically to "reset" your hpta you are shutting it down and then restarting it, howeover no offense you do not seem experinced enough to attempt this. You do not need any liver, bp supps btw. X-mass is a progesterone highly suppresive so this is a common problem do not panic. and if you are under 21 dont do this again until you are ready

  18. sustain alpha and PCS are both using reservatrol.

    you can always go to the doctor and tell them your situation and they can prescribe you something to get your test levels back up...

    have you lost most of your gains?

  19. yea i do squats and all that good stuff for my lifting program in football cause im headed to north texas to play football this fall so im trying to get all my stuff back to normal and regulated before i get there

  20. could restore take place of 6 oxo or would 6 oxo,sustain alpha, and post cycle supoprt be the way to go cause im not really tight on money

  21. yea pretty much iv worked extremely hard to get some of it back but most of it i lost

  22. restore is sketch.

  23. alright so just tell me what my best option is, money is not a factor for me, so just let me know what the best things would be for me take to get my body back to regulating its self, also im only 19 and i do realize i made mistake by taking x mass, but all i can do now is learn from my mistake and help other people make the right choices

    thanks for the help guys i appreciate it

  24. well aside from script nolvadex I would run 6oxo and sustain together for four weeks then just a bottle of sustain for another 4 so 8 weeks total and that should do the trick

  25. alright so its still kool if im not 21? also how should i dose the 6 oxo? thanks for the help

  26. you can still run 6oxo, but IMO its not much a "regulator". its just going to mess with your estrogen. Take Post cycle support by AI. Thats what is most commonly used as a regulator aka what PCT is

  27. 6 oxo is absolutly a regulator it DECREASES estrogen, increses testosterone, pcs support is supposed to act as a serm (it will occupy estrogen receptors preventing estrogen from binding) so estro is still circulating but it is unable to bind to cells in the breasts and other sites, btw.

  28. how many cycles have you ran texas?????

  29. hormonal wise? none im only 18 dont feel like messin my stuff up.if your going to try and pull a your right im wrong thing im not up for it. 6 OXO i have just read to be a suicide enhibitor and causes etrogen shutdown. just dont like the sound of that.

  30. no no I dont want to get in a pissing match lol you dont even need to cycle you are shredded that was a **** comment. but I have used pcs, 6 oxo extreme, sustain, 6 oxo. An 6oxo extreme and dermacrine have done the best job and 6oxo+pcs= 6oxo extreme just cheaper. The hpta works on a negative feedback system so by targeting estrogen test, fsh,lh will be boosted thus making you a man again. So I believe that 4 weeks 6oxo and dermacrine sustain would lower estrogen but raise test A LOT then the last for weeks estrogen levels would normalize with just a serm and boom baby normal again!

  31. true. sorry for assuming i was about to get attacked. it has happened before when i try to help. my apologee

  32. Quote Originally Posted by Motox View Post
    restore is sketch.


    sketch (skĕch)

    [Dutch schets, from Italian schizzo, from schizzare, to splash, of imitative origin.]

    A hasty or undetailed drawing or painting often made as a preliminary study.
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  33. thanks t-bone, you always have something good to contribute to everything. I meant it is a shady product from a shady company, next time I will be sure to use a word fit for your vocabulary.

    this is escalating quick lol over it.

  34. I know bro some peeps on here are a holes. You put a lot of good info and provide a lot of solid help. reps!

  35. Quote Originally Posted by Motox View Post
    I know bro some peeps on here are a holes. You put a lot of good info and provide a lot of solid help. reps!
    much appreciated compliment. x2 for yourself recently sir. Yes, their are the occasional A-holes, but i can honestly count them on one hand on this forum which i am quite happy about

  36. alright iv done more research so im going to be going with 6 oxo and sustain alpha, do yall think i should throw in post cycle support or is it just not needed i also have life support on hand as well, also how should i dose my 6 oxo?

  37. sorry t-bone that was dumb

  38. IBE has a new reservatrol product that looks promising. Texas have you used Ragnarok and rpm? How do they compare? I know they are diif animals but I would like some feedback for rag. Dose 6oxo as directed on the label

  39. Yes i have used Rag, i get a good deal cuz MST is my sponsor, and yes i have and am currently using RPM. what would you like to know? I love them both

  40. I have been using rpm preworkout like since its been out lol but I just ordered a tub o rag, what can I expect from it? Like enrgy, pumps, endurance what are the standouts?


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