Question on fish oil and x-factor?

  1. Question on fish oil and x-factor?

    All the Q&A's say low-dose fish oil won't inhibit an x-factor cycle....but is there a specific number or is this low-dose stuff just just a conjecture? The reason I am asking is because I usually take 8-15 grams of fish oil per day to balance out my fatty acid intake and help with skin and I really don't wanna stop this as I have heard of acne side effects with x-factor.......can anyone give me some concrete advice please?

  2. I probably would stick to 1-2 fish oil gels/ED maximum.

  3. I just cut out the fish caps, because I know some of the other foods I eat are Omega-3 enriched (some breads, yogurts etc) and I do like having fish (Although I've cut out salmon In the MN interview according to William Llewellyn ( )
    At first, knowing that there are studies suggesting that Omega 3 fatty acids can compete with arachidonic acid for storage and conversion enzymes, we advised everyone to limit extra Omega 3 intake while taking X-Factor. We really just wanted to be sure it worked for everyone. After a lot of experimentation, and some new research, we have reversed this position almost completely. Unless you have a diet unduly excessive in Omega 3ís, they should not interfere substantially with X-Factor. In fact, we even tell people they can supplement Omega 3ís while taking X-Factor if they want. A couple of caps per day may even lend some synergy.

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