Questions regarding Alpha Drive XL..

  1. Questions regarding Alpha Drive XL..

    So i have been taking this which is at NP for $10.. I have used it before in the past and love it..

    One thing I do note is that I get soreness in my left nipple/ breast area.. Mind you, I have suffered from pubertal gyno since 15 and was significantly overweight (42" waist, 265 lbs)..

    Now I know ADED is in the formula, but after much research it's a metabolite of the aromatase inhibitor ATD, which should exert properties of an AI.. Also, I have used other AI's in the past and just the opposite occured - reduction in soreness/lump..

    All else I see in the formula that may be causing this is Tribulus, which in most studies showed no increase in T levels, which wouldn't cause an increase in estrogen..

    Any thoughts?

  2. I have used ALRI products. I think that is the company that formulated alpha drive. Look-I like ALRI. Their lean dreams is good and so is their restore. About the restore-there were some rumors that it actually contained andro, which is illegal and obviously not listed on the label. Some of these formulations they come up with, including alpha drive, look like some kind of "witches brew." There are so many different herbs and chemicals- and these rumors about andro. I mean who knows what's in that stuff.

    I took alpha drive about a year and a half ago and noticed positive effects. Unfortunately, I also noticed itchy nips. I think it has eurycoma longfolia as one of it's many ingredients. That raises prolactin, which could cause some nipple sensitivity. Maybe some B6 would help inhibit the prolactin and quell the soreness in the nips. Those are my thoughts for what they're worth.

  3. Ive used several bottles of alpha drive in the past. Ive used it on PCT along with ALRI Restore and Nolva and it was a great PCT, but now everyone is saying ADED is suppressive and should probably be avoided in PCT. I don't know if I'd ever use it again on PCT but I definitely like the product and have 2 bottles on my shelf waiting to be used.

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