Time off b4 starting bulk

  1. Time off b4 starting bulk

    I am getting ready to finish my 8 week cut (DCP, LEV REL, IGF2) and was wondering if I need to wait before starting my next bulk (RPM, ACTIVATE X). Thanks in advance for all your info.

  2. its up to you what you think your body is ready for. i would say if you cut, be proud of it and flaunt it for awhile haha. that is if your proud of it. then go back on the bulk. thats what i like to do because each cut i get bigger!
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  3. i would suggest it as you are doing the gw enhancers - let your body stabilize a bit first then go the sarm route.

  4. i say cut in the spring so your ripped(hopefully) by summer and bulk in the fall/ winter.

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