any good protein deals going on anywhere?

  1. any good protein deals going on anywhere?

    Anyone know if there are currently any good protein deals going on, because I just can't afford $35+ for tubs anymore, any help would be great.


  2. NutraPlanet has Dymatize going for $35 right now for a 5lb mix. The mocha flavour has rave reviews http://www.****************/product/d...5-lb-5-lb.html

  3. Depending where you live , because of shipping, check out and Allthewhey offers discounts by going to there section of the forum here and it will be a sticky. At trueprotein you can use discount code PKM142 to save 5% or 10% on 16+lbs. Your best bet is to try to get some friends to order with you so that you guys can split shipping up. If you are not willing to buy big quantities at once though NutraPlanet will give you the most competitive prices for the majority of 2lb and 5lb tubs.
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  4. dymatize mocha is really good

  5. I am going to have to give ALL THE WHEY a huge thumbsup here. I recently was sent some samples and I have to admit, every flavor is outstanding. The profile is great, as well is the price. Excellent CS, too.

  6. Dymatize choc/mint also tastes awesome..

  7. Sam's Club sells 6lb bags of the EAS 100% Whey for $29

  8. you could try protein factory they may have some good deals going on

  9. Quote Originally Posted by dawaro View Post
    Sam's Club sells 6lb bags of the EAS 100% Whey for $29
    really where are you at? im in the chicago area.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by futurepilot View Post
    really where are you at? im in the chicago area.
    Texas, I havent checked lately but they used to have it online. EasyEJL turned me on to it about 8 months ago.

  11. The EAS whey at Sams club here in Auburn WA just went down a pound and up 2 bucks... still a good deal but now 5 lbs for $32

  12. What is the Sam's Club stuff like? Is it any good? I'm in desperate need of some protein and Im not sure if I should throw away the money or place an order and wait a few days. What do you think?
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  13. scivation whey (10 lb) is on sale for only $59.99 at nutraplanet: http://www.****************/manufacturer/scivation/

    i know it's over your $35 limit, but it's 10lbs!
  14. tattoopierced1
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    i just got in on the 10lb scivation deal.. cant beat that price for 10lbs


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