My Epistane/X-Lean/Scorch far..

  1. My Epistane/X-Lean/Scorch far..

    Ok so i started my summer stack on may 1st with as the title says, epistane, x-lean, and MAN scorch. this will be day 11 so i thought id give a post if any1 was looking for a cutting stack. i have to say this is the best cutting stack i have done. i did 11-oxo and furazadrol megadosed for 2 months and didnt see these types of results. my start weight was 240 and after 11 days i am down to 234 and there is a noticeable drop in BF, which i have not gotten calibrated as of yet. the biggest difference i can see is my mid section and chest area. noticeable dropping in inches in waist which can be seen as my clothes dont really fit anymore. vascularity is way up. i have new veins showing in my biceps and shoulders which werent there before and the ones in my forearms have become more pronounced. strength has gone up a little bit...not much by my standards.. ie repping 275 on bench for 8 before cycle and can now do 280 for 8. but strength was not my goal. my dosing for epistane has been 30mgs about 8 hours a part everyday. x-lean is 1 pill with breakfast and one with dinner. scorch is 3 pills with breakfast and then 3 either with lunch or 30 mins before workout. i am not sensitive to stimulants but scorch gives a nice fluid energy spark throughout the day with no jitters and the appetite suppression is great. ive had to force myself to eat sometimes. the pumps in the gym are great especially in the chest, arms and leg areas. i have reduced my caloric intake from about 2200 before cycle to about 1200 on cycle and increased my protein shake intake to 3 shakes a day from 2. i highly recommend this stack. i can;t wait to see the end results.

  2. Nice! You going a full 30 days? I like the looks of this stack, good luck the rest of the way.

  3. hell yeah im going the full 30..ill keep people updated

  4. Good luck! What's your PCT going to look like?

  5. pct is nolva, 6-oxo, hawthorne berries, milk thistle and might add alpha drive and CL green mag and white flood...o and another bottle of x-lean

  6. isn't x-lean a cortisol blocker? If it is, the Epistane should keep your cortisol in check for the cycle, so it would be better to save x-lean for PCT IMHO. But your results sound awesome man, good job!

  7. yeah it is a cortisol blocker. im using it on cycle at just the recommended dose and PCT megadosed. im declaring death to fat cells lol


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