epistante vs. M-drol liver functions.

  1. epistante vs. M-drol liver functions.

    I' m a new member to the forum but a long time lifter. I have a few questions. I purchased m-drol a while back and took it for a little awhile. I felt funny and i went to the doctor and my ast levels were 103 and my alt levels was like 43 or something. So, i had elevated liver functions. I stopped everything for 2 weeks and my ast levels dropped to the 70 range. I'm not sure what they are now but i'm sure they are fine. I heard epistane was a little harsh on the liver but is it as hard as m-drol? I've heard alot of negative reports on m-drols effects on the liver. I really don't want to see my liver function levels double again. Any info would be appreciated.

  2. first off welcome to AM!

    not sure on this aspect because of my age and no background with Ph;s. were you taking supports supplements ex: cycle support or milk thistle by its self? I would recommend doing this anyways just ot make sure your levels recover to normal

  3. I was taking huge amounts of supplements and vitamins. I was taking over 20 pills a day. I'm sure this had some influence on my liver functions. However, I don't want to chance anything. If the M-drol is really indeed that bad, then i want something milder that hopefull works!

  4. well from what i know m-drol is a superdrol clone. superdrol had very harsh liver functions. my inference may be wrong but because i ahvent done research but i would say it has some harsh liver sides. dont take my word for it though

    20 pills a day?? thats nuts bro

  5. you should go to the steroid forum and post, or use the search function and look for "superdrol toxicity"
    edit: talking about PH/PS such as Epi and Superdrol needs to be posted in the steroid section, and you need to be 21 to post there, but you shouldn't be taking either of these products younger than 21. It can mess up more than just growth plates, it can also cause low testosterone levels for the rest of your life, especially for those younger than 21. Even over 21, one must perform a proper post cycle therapy.
    BTW, Epistane is supposed to have far less sides than superdrol-->easier on the whole body, including the liver.
    actually, just remembered this thread: Epistane toxicity
    it's all about this issue



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