left nipple problems..went to doctor...help

  1. left nipple problems..went to doctor...help

    alright guys i finally went to my doctor about this and he notified me that it is scar tissue from puberty under my nipple. He said that during those years, that tissue is very suseptable to injury and I was probably wrestling around sometime and injured that tissue...so there's scar tissue there now. so yea...is there anything that would break up that scar tissue or something? ralox? any creams or something? any input would be awesome

  2. Did you ask him this question? If you did, what did he say?

  3. I had the same issue. Had surgery to remove it for cosmetic reasons and it just looks flatter on that nipple now.

    my advice, just leave it be.

  4. maurice, did the surgery help a lot? mine is sort of a lot of scar tissue and you can really notice it....

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