Supplements for the novice over 40 YO

  1. Supplements for the novice over 40 YO

    OK so I have been working out for a few years now, and made some good progress, but feel I am limited by my age (and correspondind body chemistry). I was wondering if any of you guys have a recomendation of the right supplkmeents for someone like me, who is really just looking to serve my vanity and get a bit more "cut". I ahve been looking at Testosterone boosters, (like PCT Tabs) but thought their might be some smarter folks on this forum. I think that some of this may bee in previous posts, if I have missed it, I am sorry. but I have not seen one that addresses us older guys specifically. Thanks guys!

  2. So you want to "cut" try a thermogenic product since with age metabolism decreases. Review your diet closely, adjustments here will probably out perform any supplements. Increase cardio !

  3. First of all do not underestimate your ability to continue to make progress at your age, i peaked and 45 strength wise and if it wasn't for injuries I would be well on my way to matching some of those lifts at 50.

    Yes when your older it does help to get a bit of a boost and there are some very good products for us older guys which are herbal and safe.

    Some of the products I have really enjoyed are Drive, Activate, Hyperdrol X2 for test boost/estro block. Oh and don't forget Stoked/PCS.

    For fat burn there are a few good products that help you retain muscle mass. Leviathan Reloaded, DCP and the most recent product I have enjoyed is Recreate which seems to be a very good product for recomp.

    Super Cissus Rx is a good idea for older guys or anybody really for any potential tendon and joint problems. I am planning of running IGF2 as well which I have heard a lot of good things about.

    Hope this helps, decide what you want to do then research the products, you should be happy with what you decide there is a lot of good natural products and this is the place if you want the real scoop on what they will do for you.
  4. Thanks

    Thans so much for the input folks. Scooter, Thanks, I am workingon the diet (but hard to give up the beer, etc ;-)
    I have been sort of a fan of the Redline products, but I have to say they have not helped with any weight loss really, just kind of perks you up. I was at a resort this weekend and they had a scale that figured out you body fat percentage andit said my was 8.9. that sounds pretty good to me, but I would love to lose the love handles. I ahve been trying to add muscle (added lots of protein to my diest and been lifting heavier) so I have been afraid of too much cardio. I will likely start doing a few more interval sessions per week to try and help without buring muscle.

    Dreamweaver, Thanks Man, you are an inspiration ;-) I will definitly research the products you listed. THanks, I am off to the Vitamin Shoppe (to look for some of these products) and Barnes & Nobels now (Jimmy Bufffett has a new book )

    Thanks guys.


  5. scroll down and there is a over 35 section here at am, also do yourself a favor and buy from nutra planet. it is a very safe and reliable place to buy from, and their prices are on average half of what you would pay at a brick and mortar store. welcome to the board!

  6. Enjoy the beer ! (there is not much significant difference in calories between beer vs a "lite" beer) Sam Adam's is always a good decision.

    I use a bioimpedance method to measure body fat. It uses a small signal that measures body density and calculates % for fat, water, muscle. Another good method is calipers but this needs multiple readings. I've read the most accurate is water displacement but this requires a huge tub of water. I had used a cheap store bought scale that took resistance measurements from the bottoms of the feet and I found those to be inaccurate.

    There are topical solutions that might work on those love handels, napalm for instance, if you can find any.

  7. Yes Nutraplanet is the way to go.

    I am going to give Napalm a test run starting this weekend. I will use it for 8 to 10 weeks so I should get a pretty good idea how effective it is. I will be stacking it with Recreate which I am liking so far.
  8. hmmmmm

    I use a bioimpedance method to measure body fat. It uses a small signal that measures body density and calculates % for fat, water, muscle. Another good method is calipers but this needs multiple readings.
    >> Yeah the scale at the resort had handles that you held onto whiule it weighed you and calc'ed BF%.

    There are topical solutions that might work on those love handels, napalm for instance, if you can find any.
    >>> Hard to believe any "Spot reducing" claims, I have always been told that you CANNOT spot reduce fat. I will be interested to hear how it works for "Dreamweaver".

  9. There has been a lot of solid feedback from some very reputible people on Napalm. Avant has been marketing these types of products for 7 or 8 years now and it seems to just keep getting betterfrom what I am reading. Avant is a very reputable company. I expect good things.

    There is a lot of old truths that are being changed by advances in supplementation. Check out the various rep sites here, a lot of good research going on.

  10. Awesome, good to hear, I would love to target those love handles as I am fairly lean everywhere else. I will spend some time reading uyp on Napalm and may just give it a try ;-) Thanks again guys. BTW, I keep reading the term "recomp" with respect to the phase os using this sort of supp. What does "recomp" mean? Recompsition?

  11. Yes, it's a fairly recent term this is one of the aspects I was talking about. Remember in the old days it was always bulk and cut, bulk and cut. Well modern supplementation has made it more feasible for what we call recomp. This is losing fat and gaining muslce at the same time. The fat loss is usually done a little slower than a typical cut to preserve muscle. It sure beats the hell out of being tired and weak.


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