Epiodrol and pSARM

  1. Epiodrol and pSARM

    Wanting to run a low side effect cycle with solid increase in gains. Was thinking of an Epidrol pulse @30mgs per workout day (4xPW) with pSARM on non workout days. - Do you think it would be more beneficial to run pSARM ED??
    Would do this for 3 weeks(short to keep shutdown minimal) followed up by Formadrol and PCS/Stoked with some fenugreek and trib, for another 3 weeks. general support supps throughout with some incarnate thrown in for good measure.

    Just want peoples thoughts on this am looking for increase in power, strength and small increase of LBM any decrease in BF% is a bonus. Anybody ran this or something similar and what were your results?

    Thanks in advance

  2. So pSARM on NON-Pulse days as the natty booster for 3 weeks, correct?

    I'd stretch the pulse a little longer and do atleast 4 weeks. pSARM on off days would work well then the amount you didn't use during the pusle you could use as part of your PCT stack.
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  3. Yeah would stick in the pSARM on non workout days as a natty booster, what are your views about incorporating it into PCT? Will it enhance recovery and stack well with the other mentioned supps?

    Would probably asses results at end of week 3 and decide on whether or not to extend to 4th week, I am a "responder" to most PH and supplements so will see how i fair on my first pulse.

    Thanks for the reply

  4. ive heard pSARM sometimes make people blow chunks. but that it also works good!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    ive heard pSARM sometimes make people blow chunks. but that it also works good!

    Yea this can happen, taking it AFTER a meal has worked for me when ive used it.

    Id run the Psarm everyday, there is no reason to pulse anytime of test booster unless its a steroidal AI like letro and exemastane. So id run the Psarm everyday.
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