Looking to go fully natty......

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  1. your doc can give you one free. i considered it, but figured there wasn't any need, since i know EXACTLY how i feel when my blood sugar gets low, and it's always when i'm on PH/roids.

  2. I did go to the convenient store and pick up some glucose pills, i keep some in a little pill thing i have in my pocket, and another few in my backpack. This way if i go somewhere and start feeling light headed or anything i can pop a pill or two just to be safe. But it's been two months and i have not felt anything like that =)

  3. Originally posted by John Benz

    Like I said, liver tabs cannot replace BCAA's. They may replace the B-complex tabs, but there is only a fraction of the minerals provided by a ZMA supp, and the vitamins provided are nowhere near as complete nor as balanced as what is provided in a good multi-vitamin. Same with aminos. Whether using complete amino acid complex tabs or simply BCAA's, the absorption rate of liver is far slower and can in no way be compared to Branched Chain Aminos in the form of casein hydrosylates. When these Branched Chain Aminos are needed quickly, as in preventing tissue breakdown throughout the workout, liver tabs can't get the job done.

    Comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges. Dessicated liver can be used by anyone and should be taken as a food supplement with every meal, for strength, endurance and other benefits.

    BCAA are very expensive, and the only time the cost justifies the rewards is immediately prior to, and all throughout the workout to prevent catabolism at this crucial time. If you goof around in the gym and your workouts are not truly intense, they are a waste of money. But for the serious trainer, BCAA's and dessicated liver are the 2 most essential training aids available, more important than either creatine or glutamine in adding permament lean-mass gains. And remember, I am a big Glutamine fan.
    John I think im in love with you.

    In a non-gay way of course.

  4. Originally posted by jetrob
    Dont take muscle milk before bed- I just dont trust how much carbs is in that stuff tastes to good

    Originally posted by jetrob
    San Infusion is a good nighttime protien also just the taste gets old before u use up the jug
    SAN Infusion is similar to Muscle Milk, yet you mention not using MM before bed?


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