need a big boost! help

  1. Angry need a big boost! help

    i am 22 next month i am 6 foot and 180 right now i am at 15 % body fat. i have been working out getting good gains and slowly starting to get my body in shape. the only problem is i am not getting the gains as fast as i would like. i want to start taking something that will help throw some meat on my bones with out adding any fat. i was taking kre alkalyn creatine but i dont feel like it realy gave me much more than a little water weight. there are a ton of different supps out there and i have no idea where to start. what works, what should i stay away from. in the past i was told dont take anything, but protein and creatine are good. but it just aint cutting it.

  2. well, aside from creatine and the others, you'll be looking for products to boost your testosterone, obviously. search away.

  3. you dont have any suggestions based on personal experience? there are so many products out there and i am sure some work better than others and some dont work at all.

  4. If you want to stick to basics check out a solid creatine formulation like green magnitude or Ragnarok (have not used either but both have great feedback. I will be trying Rag in the next 2 weeks).

    If you want to bump up a little bit look into Anabolic Pump, Powerfull, P-Slin, RPM, Drive Mass FX, X-Factor, and Diesel Test Hardcore. These all have solid reputation from members and are the majority of what you will see. Research those and something you would want to run. There is certainly other quality supplements but thats just what is comining to my mind right now.

    As far as what to stay away from. Stay away from anything hormonal (havoc, epistane, 3-ad, epidrol, all these you will see and tempt you don't need them at this point in the game).

    All the above supplements can be found here: - Discount Bodybuilding Supplements, Vitamins, Weightloss Products, and Bulk Nutritional Powders!. So look around and then do some reading on the supplements themselves.

    Shoot away with any other questions/specific ones about certain items.

  5. creatines are good but when you stop using them u will lose alot of size due to water weight... what you need is to say on your proteins and find a good test. booster that works for you..



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