Where's DCP? Can't find any.

  1. Where's DCP? Can't find any.

    I was going to start a DCP stack in another month. I was going to go ahead and order some and noticed everyone is out of stock, nutraplanet, affordable supps, DPC nutrition; Bodybuilding; ect. Must be some d*** good stuff. I was looking forward to trying it. Any other suggestions for weight loss supp.

  2. It's in my pantry with the rest of my supplements and you can't have any Beyotch!!!!

  3. Hold onto it long enough and you could probably double your money. I will have to fill my pantry when I find some.

  4. DCP when will it be back?

    check out post #21 by dsade

  5. Got confirmation - this will be delivered TOMORROW.
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  6. Just another example of how cool AM is.Where else can you ask a question about a supplement and in just a few minutes have an answer from one of their reps?

  7. Great. Thanks for the info. I was going to place an order in a couple weeks, but now that I know how quick this stuff goes I'll have to figure out everything I need by tomorrow so I can order 2 bottles of DCP.

    Dsade-and others, they had an article in Flex last month about Cissus also being good for fat loss. Any thoughts on this-and could it be stacked with DCP?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Got confirmation - this will be delivered TOMORROW.
    Awsome! I will be placing an order tomorrow!

  9. there should be a sale on DCP at nutraplanet to celebrate its arrival.


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