Your PH Recommendation

  1. Your PH Recommendation

    Ok so here's my deal; Im 21 and have been working out since I was 18. I have my diet in check as well as my supps (multi-vitamin, protien, zma etc..) I want to try out a PH and I have been doing research on it for awhile but wanted some of your recommendations. What is best for me with the following conditions.

    1- I already am experience hairloss and would not want to lose more. My major concern

    2- I am interested in mass more than strength (Though I understand strength comes with mass.)

    3-Money is not a large factor, but still as factor.

    My initial research led me to 19 nor/ Nordiol but it seems impossible to find.

    Please give me any recommendations so I can research more and if possible where to buy.

  2. You have your diet in check? So, what was your starting weight at 18, and is that your weight now at 21..168?

    I would also look here first

    There is also a steroids for dummies or cycling for dummies, cant remember which, but I do not have the link to it...

  3. at 170 my mind would lead me to suggest that the other factors concerning muscle gain aren't taken care of. Get those in check before you wanna try some gear

  4. I have had some injury issues of the past which has not helped

    Let me make it easier, which would be the best PH to purchase if I am worried about hair loss and where can I get it.

  5. if 19 nor is what you want, you can get it at nutraplanet. the product is t-roid by hardcore formulations.



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