GMO in dextros/maltrodextros/WMS ?

  1. GMO in dextros/maltrodextros/WMS ?

    I was curious if the corn used is GMO... iv been reading bad things lately about GMO

  2. Quote Originally Posted by rabican View Post
    I was curious if the corn used is GMO... iv been reading bad things lately about GMO
    Unless it is explicit about being non-GMO, then there is a chance that yes, it is derived from GMO foods I think, although I'm not absolutely sure on how labeling works when it is derived from one. Companies are generally quick to point out being absolutely non-GMO.

    I'll be honest though, a lot of the anti-GMO literature is mostly assumptions/made up, largely spread by people who either have an interest in it, or that are just playing sheeple. Look back at when milk pasteurization was first mandated, for instance. There's a lot of fear of the new and the poorly understood - and unfortunately, yes there are people who are all too eager to prey on the fear of the new.

    It's not all garbage that's written on GMO products, but you have to take some of this stuff with a grain of salt. Or maybe a pound. The writer is not necessarily any more qualified, educated, or researched more than you are...

  3. true i was thinking the same thing... not convinced on if its bad or not for humans but i saw a study where i believe it enlarged rats kidneys...was scary...i should look it up and post it.

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