Pulse Stack Advice for cutting

  1. Pulse Stack Advice for cutting


    I'm going to run a Pulse of HemaGuno (EPI clone). What I'd like to do is lean out and drop some bodyfat, but keep strength if possible. I've thought about adding Thyrotabs and DS LeanXtreme. Other supps would be fish oil and Cycle Support on a daily basis. This would be a 6 week cycle. Below is the protocal:

    HemaGuno: 2 caps on Mon-Wed-Fri
    LeanXtreme: 2 caps per day
    Thyrotabs 2 caps per day OR the following:
    week 1: 1 per day
    week 2: 2 per day
    week 3: 3 per day
    week 4: 3 per day
    week 5: 2 per day
    week 6: 1 per day

    Doable, good or a bad idea? Thanks.

  2. Any thoughts?

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