V-12 Timing

  1. V-12 Timing

    Right now I'm using Creatine HSC with VP2 pre and post training. Would I use V-12 the same way as the container reads 6 hours apart with each dose.

  2. i took one dose in the morning before my breakfast, and the second in 45 minutes before my workout (at 7 pm i work out)

  3. I use a single dose of either v-12 or VPX Plasma Expandor once per day, right after weights or cardio. I see no advantage to twice per day dosing.
  4. pre or post workout

    What do you guys think is best for San sherbet ( erm, I mean v-12 ) before or after a workout? would the increased insulin sensitivity increase absorption any?
  5. Question

    I had the same question as Nutz. Do you guys recommend V-12 before or after workout?

    Also, are there any other supplements I should take with it? I've got some glutamine coming and I take regular ALA w/ my post workout shake. I was planning on taking the V-12 and glutamine w/ my whey and ALA after workout. Any opinions?

  6. Bump, anyone got any advice on as to when to take V-12 and anything else for me to start taking with it?

  7. I work out at 4am (yes, that early), and take it 30 minutes before my workout on an empty stomach (along with San Tight and a few green tea capsules).
    I take my 2nd serving after work around 5pm.

    Hope this helps.



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